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Our Story

A Little Background...

As self-proclaimed shopaholics, we were always on the hunt for clothing that suited our style (and our budgets), but were always coming up short! Finally we decided to do something about it - and Free Hand was born. We searched high and low to find pieces that emulated what we wanted Free Hand to represent: clothing that makes women feel effortlessly beautiful, stylish, carefree, comfortable, and not broke! We started selling in 2014, selling online and doing pop-up shops around LA, showcasing our carefully curated collection.  








Our first pop up shop at the Rose Bowl (Erin, left // Rhiannon, right)


After a full year of pop-ups, we had saved all of our pennies to take Free Hand to the next level, and bought a delivery truck to convert into our very own mobile boutique! This had always been the dream from beginning, but we were besides ourselves that we had actually made it come true! 



The next two months were spent working our booties off getting this thing renovated! Weekends, nights, basically any spare minute we had, you could find us hammering away inside the truck. 



With the help of our family and friends, this baby was finally road ready! We had our grand opening at a local brewery in early May,  and it was probably one of the best nights of our lives! Quite literally a dream come true!  


Two shorts months later, we were driving to our usual spot at the Rose Bowl Flea market, and our worst nightmare came true. The whole truck jolted and we lost control. Thankfully we managed to get it to the shoulder. Before we came to a complete stop (we lost brakes and had to let it roll to a stop on its own), the engine had caught fire. We jumped out and called 911, and stood on the shoulder watching our dream burn to the ground. The fire spread so quickly that it managed to destroy everything in the few short minutes before help arrived. To say we we're devastated would be an understatement. 


We may have lost everything that day, but we're not giving up! We've had a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from family, friends, and even strangers. We're feeling more motivation than ever now to get back on the road! For now we will be back to doing our pop-up shows and shopping parties, and work our way back into a truck soon! 

Thanks for taking the time to read our story!

 **UPDATE** As of January, 2016, we're back up and running and the new truck is AMAZING!  For pics and updates check out our "About Us" section and our instagram! 


Rhiannon & Erin